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 Video Poker Strategy

BVS Video Poker game - simulator / trainer

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Video Poker can be one of the best games you can play in the casino.

There are many variations of video poker games. Each game has its own pay schedule. You can determine the payback percentage of a video poker machine by reading the pay schedule on the machine. The maximum payback for a full pay (5 coin bet). If you play properly, some Video Poker machines actually offer over 100% payback for perfect play. Payback for each video poker machine is listed next to machine name in Choose Video Poker Machine dialog.

In order to win at video poker you need to make the correct decision for every hand you play. Video Poker strategy is not the same for various games. Each video poker game variation has its own winning strategy. Taking the time to learn your game means better payoffs.

The correct way of playing any hand is to draw to the combination of dealt cards which has the highest Expected Value (commonly abbreviated EV). EV is the mathematical probability for each draw multiplied by its payout.

In Auto Hold mode BVS Video Poker automatically prompts you with the correct play. In Normal mode you can press "Analyze Hand" at any time to see the list of all possible holdings and determine the best one. You can also press Best Play button to be prompted with the correct play. View|Any Hand... menu item allows you to analyze any hand.

BVS Video Poker allows you to modify the payouts for any hand in Choose Video Poker Machine dialog.





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