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 what's new in bvs video poker

  • 42 varieties of video poker games

  • customizable pay table for each game variation

  • sound

  • selectable card backs

  • smoothly resizable playing cards. More...

  • any BMP or JPEG image can be used as a custom card back

  • selectable backgrounds

  • statistics for multiple players


Version 3.0 (September 30, 2015)

Ace and Deuce. 3 variations of this game are added.

New card sets, card backs and backgrounds.

Improved compatibility with Windows 8/10.

Version 2.1 (August 15, 2010)

Improved compatibility with high DPI resolutions on Vista and Windows 7 ("Large Fonts" mode).

Version 2.0 (September 07, 2008)

Added support for smoothly scalable playing cards. New card sets "Middle Ages" and "Rhineland Pattern".

Most of card backs were remastered.

New card sets "Historical Costumes", "Rokoko" and "Swiss Costumes" in Plus Pack.

Version 1.5.2 (December 19, 2006)

Improved compatibility with Windows Vista.

Version 1.5 (May 27, 2006)

Background tab Options dialog was re-designed.

Select random card back and Select random background features were implemented in Options dialog.

Several minor visual enhancements were added.

Version 1.4 (September 4, 2005)

Bonus Deuces. New variation of this game is added. This variation pays extra for particular five of a kind hands. Original Bonus Deuces game variation is renamed to Sam's Town Bonus Deuces.

Version 1.3 (February 7, 2005)

View | Progress Graphs dialog displays graphs of your progress: your play accuracy, win/loss chart and error effect on total return.

Options | Deck dialog was re-designed and included into Options | Options dialog as the "Card Backs" tab sheet. Built-in picture editor allows you to easily create your own gallery of card backs from .jpg and .bmp images. You can use this feature to create card backs from your digital camera images.

Version 1.2 (August 14, 2003)

BVS Video Poker now allows you to change the size of card set. Several card sizes are supported: small, normal and large.

Version 1.1 (July 11, 2002)

Hand Analysis option allows to define whether BVS Video Poker will use ER (Expected Return) to express the relative value of drawing to any combination of cards in a dealt hand or whether EV (Expected Value) will be used instead. This setting affects the following dialogs: Hand Analysis, Mistakes, Strategy Error Warning.

Version (July 1, 2002)

Several bugs were fixed.



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