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 BVS Video Poker plus pack


Registered Users of
BVS Video Poker !

You can download and install
BVS Video Poker Plus Pack.

Plus Pack adds the following features to your BVS Video Poker:

- 100 additional excellent backgrounds are available in background selection dialog.

- 30 additional card sets can be selected using Card Sets tab of Options|Options dialog.

- 80 additional card backs can be selected using Custom tab of Options|Decks dialog.

Fill in the form and get download URL for BVS Video Poker Plus Pack.

Remember that you have to be registered user of BVS Video Poker to get BVS Video Poker Plus Pack.


Register BVS Video Poker now with your credit card using secure order form.  You will receive a registration code within a few minutes. Plus - when you register, you will also get BVS Video Poker Plus Pack that adds additional card sets and greatly enhances the number of excellent backgrounds available in background selection dialog.

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Swiss Costumes card set
Rokoko card set
Historical Costumes card set
Luxus Club-Karte card set
Burgundian Court card set
Shakespeare card set
Java card set
Van Gogh card set
Club-Karte card set
Hunters Pack card set
Empire card set
European Capitals card set
English Pattern card set
Whist card set
Guyenne card set
English Large card set
Club-Carte Large card set
Paleh card set
Letter card set
Jumbo Index card set

Other Plus Pack card sets:

Slavonic card setRussian card set

Patience card setSatin card set



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