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If you’ve never downloaded before from the Internet, or you’ve downloaded and had problems, please read the following:

 How to download

Click on one of the download links on the download page. You will be presented with a dialog box, which asks if you want to open the file or save it. 

Open/Save dialog

Choose save. 

You will next get a dialog box giving you a choice as to where the file is to be saved.  You can select to have it stored anywhere on your computer – just remember where you put it. You’ll need to know this later on after the download is complete. It’s convenient to create temporary folder to store files you want to download. To create this folder, follow the instructions below.

1. Open Windows Explorer by clicking on Start, Programs, Windows Explorer.

2. Click on the C: icon in the left window.

3. Click on File, New, Folder.

4. Type in “My Downloads”  


Click "Save" button. 

The download will now start. Your browser will tell you how much of the file has been downloaded and how much longer it will take to download the rest of the file.

Open the folder where you saved the file and install downloaded program.

How to install downloaded program

If a file ends in exe (such as "bvspok.exe"), that means it's an "executable" file. (In other words, it will open and activate the application.) This is the installer you will need to set up BVS Video Poker on your computer. You only have to run it (or double-click with left mouse button). Your computer should guide you through the rest.

If a file ends in "zip" (such as ""), that means you'll need to use unzipping program ( the best is WinZip) to unzip those files.  Double-click on this file to start unzipping program.  WinZip will display the list of individual files in the archive. Select setup.exe and click on WinZip Install button to run installation.

After the end of installation click on Start button and select Programs menu item. Then find BVS Video Poker in the list.


 Download BVS Video Poker (6.4MB)


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